The Secret To Looking and Feeling your Best: A New Pair of Glasses

I quite possibly have more than 6 dozen bottles of nail polish. Yet months ago, I stopped painting my nails. They don’t look great but when I think about it, did they ever when they chipped every other day? Quite frankly, my lazy self was tired of keeping up with it. That priority completely ceased to exist for me. Besides, I didn’t have the patience nor did I want to spend the time or money at the salon except before a much needed vacation or special event.

Many gals I know value and keep up with nail fill-ins regularly. If not that, then it’s the eyebrows or lashes. As I grow older, my lashes are diminishing rapidly. (Thank goodness for brow pencil and mascara, right?) But for me, I absolutely and without hesitation MUST have the gray stripe atop my head covered year round or deal with the skunk look atop my copper hues. Without the hair dye, I don't have a very youthful feeling. Not to mention, I spend nearly $500 a year to have a bronzed skin tone, albeit fake. I like so many others do these things because it gives us confidence.

I haven’t even gotten into the value some women place on shoes and bags, as that’s a costly endeavor. I too have loads of them in the closet even though I have been carrying the same purse for almost 3 years now with absolutely no intention on switching it anytime soon. Shoes? Yes, I prefer they look decent but at this point in my life it’s about comfort all the way!

All of this is to say that we all go to great lengths to look and feel our best despite our age, budget, or energy level, and often we prioritize one thing over another. Yet, with all the time and money given to our appearance and looking our best, a question I often ask myself is how much do we consider our eyeglasses? In my opinion, not so much! They are quite literally SMACK DAB in the middle of your face ladies and gents. 

A frame can either age you or take away years of stress. They can accentuate or hide those minor imperfections that perhaps only you point out. A thoughtfully chosen and perfectly proportioned pair of glasses can give you the confidence 24/7 that no perfectly manicured nail, hair color, spray tan, or handbag ever could. I’m by no means devaluing those freshly manicured appendages or designer digs or any other beautifying regimen or accessory that suits your fancy, but I do believe that your eyeglasses should be near the top of the list!

At the end of the day it’s all about confidence and self-love. Let’s all give some consideration to prioritizing that eyeglass frame on your gorgeous face and eyes. They can be the most beauty enhancing AND functional thing you can do for your looks and self-confidence. And just like shoes, purses, and colors of nail polish we all deserve and should have many for all styles and occasions.

Don't forget we do personalized, hands-on frame styling. Let us show you the right look for you! Plus, your second pair is always half off within 60 days of your first pair!

By: Dr. Hendy

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