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Tips to Proper Eye Wear Care

Your prescription glasses are an investment of both money and time. It took time to decide on the right frame that would fit your aesthetics, the color had to be perfect, and the pattern too must truly express yourself. You had to get your eyes checked and wait for some time for the lenses to be fitted and delivered. It doesn’t bode well for you to keep repeating the process every month or so.

You want to take care of your glasses to ensure that they stay in good condition for a long time.

Tips to proper eye wear care

Here are some tips you can follow to properly take care of your glasses and make them last.

Clean well

Glasses pick up dust and fingerprints throughout the day. It’s essential to clean the lens so as to keep them from getting dirty. When doing so, don’t forget to spray your lens with a cleaning solution before you wipe them. This is a common mistake among people wearing glasses. They tend to just wipe the lens immediately.

Spraying keeps the lenses from scratches caused by dust and others. Spit or breath down your lenses to produce moisture won’t do. Instead of making it clean, you’re adding more bacteria to your glasses. Use a microfiber for cleaning the lens, not paper towels or other types of clothing. Afterwhich, you can let it air dry before putting it on.

Grip firmly

Remove your glasses by gripping the piece that’s sitting on the bridge of your nose. This keeps your frames from bending when cleaning or when taking it off. Bend glasses affect your vision and it will also feel uncomfortable.

Store the glasses properly

Don’t put your glasses anywhere. Put them in the right storage area when you’re not wearing them. The best option is to put them in its container to keep away from dust, dirt, or scratches. There are cases available in the market, you can pick a sleek or a bulky one. You can also get microfiber pouches if you’re keeping them atop your office table or bedside table.

Avoid putting your glasses near a sink or a vanity to avoid being exposed to corrosive chemicals. It’s also wise to get a back-up case in case your primary one breaks.

Don’t Put your glasses in your head

Your head is not a storage for your glasses and although this is effective in keeping your hair from your face, this isn’t good for your frame. Since the head is wider than your face, putting your glasses on your head when you’re not using them stretches your frame wider.

Professional cleaning

Professional cleaning is a good way to bring your glass back to its original look and condition. It is also an efficient idea if you are seeing oily buildup around the ears and nose of your glasses. Having your glasses cleaned professionally will also give you the time to have your annual eye check-up or have your eyeglasses adjusted.

What are progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses, also otherwise called multifocal lenses, are three different prescriptions in one pair of glasses. It means it allows you to read a book, check your computer screens in mid-distance, and will enable you to drive. It allows you to do several activities using one glasses, hence the multifocal. Before you decide to switch from mono to multifocal lenses, it’s essential to know its pros and cons.

Multifocal glasses have three sections:

  • The upper section allows you to see in the distance.

  • The middle section allows you to see things up close.

  • The lower section allows you to see at intermediate and middle distances.

Benefits of Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal lenses mean that you get to say goodbye to glasses. There’s no need to keep changing your glasses depending on the activity you’re doing. You now use the same eyeglasses for reading, driving, and looking at people when speaking to them. It allows for a more natural approach to viewing and seeing things, even when it is commonly associated with aging. The lack of bifocal lines that usually glasses have gives off a youthful image.

Drawbacks of Multifocal Lenses

Progressive glasses don’t have the line that separates the lenses, helping users determine where they can look. It takes a week or two for you to learn how to use it to its full extent fully. The lower part of the glasses is magnified, and accidentally looking at it while walking may cause some ground distortions. These distortions cause stumbling or tripping. You need to train your eyes where to look to avoid tripping. There’s also distortion when moving your head from side to side, but these distortions eventually go away when you’ve trained your eyes where to look at.

Multifocal lenses are also more expensive than single lenses or bifocal lenses. You are getting three lenses in one glasses, and you’re even paying for the time it took to create the eyeglasses without the lines. Progressive glasses/multifocal lenses are right, but it has a learning curve. Wear the glasses as frequently as you can to help your eyes adjust. Move your eyes and not your head when you’re reading.

​​​​​​​The Takeaway

The only way to know if multifocal lenses are great for you is to try them out and see how your eyes can adjust. If you are thinking of making the switch, reach out to your doctor and inquire first. Your doctor will have professional suggestions on the glasses that will work for you.

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