Benefits of Sports Glasses for Athletes

Some years ago, glasses and sports did not see eye to eye. It was almost impossible for athletes to join a sport they like if they have poor eyesight. Today, athletes have more options laid for them. They can either get contacts or prescription sports glasses for athletes. While eye contacts and regular everyday glasses are good for outdoor use, these glasses aren’t designed to take much impact and will likely shatter with little movement. Prescription sports glasses for athletes are the solution, the eyewear that’s designed to protect you from an eye injury.

Sports glasses protect from injuries

About 30,000 sport-related eye injuries happen in the U.S. annually. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, 90% of the serious eye injuries could have been prevented if the athletes wore protective eyewear. The right sports glasses can protect athletes from fast-moving objects, debris, dust, sand, and others. It also saves you from harmful UV rays and sunburnt eyes or otherwise referred to as photokeratitis. 

Sports-specific design

Regardless of your sport, there are sports glasses for athletes specific to you. These specialized glasses are not only comfortable, but they are also safe and good for everyday wear. Some other advantages are the following: 

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Fits securely and stays in place even with movements

  • Lenses come in various tits and filters

  • The various tints improve vision

  • It comes with a fog-free feature that allows you to have visibility despite sweat and precipitation.

Improves sports performance

Prescription sports glasses improve performance during training and matches. Most sports prescription glasses have wraparound frames to give optimal protection. Sports glasses also use polycarbonate for the lens to make them impact-resistant, light, and extremely thin. These features help the athletes provide better performance. 

Get the right fit

Like any other sports glasses for athletes, your sports prescription eyewear must be a good fit. This is especially true for children. Parents would often go for a size bigger for their kids for practical reasons. Sports eyewear, however, is flexible and automatically adjusts its width with frequent wear. Instead of protecting your child’s eyes, a gigantic sports eyewear will bring more harm than good. 

The same is true for sports glasses for athletes that are too small. It will be uncomfortable to wear and will not provide a proper cushion in case of impact. You can only get the full benefits of your sports goggles if it’s a perfect fit. When choosing your sports glasses, assess the lens well and see if it’s made of polycarbonate material. Pick the glasses that are made of highly impact-resistant plastic and one that’s comfortable to wear. 


At Eyedeal Eyecare, we can recommend all kinds of sports prescription glasses for any sports. Always look your best and play your best. 

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