contact lenses

contact lenses

Soft and gas permeable contact lense fittings of all types are provided to adults and adolescents. We also specialize in fitting young children with contacts when medically necessary. Many new developments in the field of contact lenses are helping to alleviate the issues of the past such as GPC (allergy), dry eye, astigmatism and presbyopia (age-related near vision blur). We take care to prescribe new contact lens designs and materials to improve your vision, comfort and safety.

Options include:
– Bifocal lenses
– Astigmatism lenses
– Lenses that correct for both bifocals and astigmatism in the same lens!

contact lens instructions


During the appointment, our contact lens specialist will provide personalized instruction in the safe care and usage of your new lenses. Upon completion of successful contact lense instruction, you may begin wearing your lenses and we will schedule your first follow-up appointment.

hubble lenses


There was a great article written by Sasha Radford, OD in 2018 regarding Hubble lenses. Take a look at an excerpt below:

So why do I groan whenever I hear about Hubble Contacts? There are several reasons.

First and foremost is the outdated contact lens material that is used, methafilcon A, which was released when I was in grade school and was used in several different brands of contact lenses. By the time I graduated optometry school in 2003, there were only a couple of lenses still made with methafilcon A. By that time, research had uncovered a common culprit of problems with contact lens wear – corneal hypoxia (decreased oxygen to the cornea). For decades, contact lenses acted as a barrier to oxygen, leading to complications that caused intolerance to contact lens wear and/or permanent vision loss.

The property of a contact lens that allows oxygen to pass readily through it is called the Dk. We now know that to maintain corneal health, the Dk of a contact lens must be at least 24. Hubble contact lenses have a Dk of 18. Most contact lenses I fit today have a much higher Dk, typically over 50 and often over 100. I want my patients to have the healthiest eyes possible so I do not fit low Dk lenses.

Secondly, there have been many reports of patients ordering Hubble contact lenses without a valid prescription from an eye doctor. Contact lens sellers are prohibited from releasing a contact lens supply without a prescription because contacts are a medical device, and as such, there are risks associated with wear. Many patients have taken their contact lens prescription, which specifies a particular brand and measurements, and ordered Hubble lenses instead. Unless their prescription says “Hubble Contacts”, they are not receiving the same lenses they were prescribed.

Without proper fitting by an eye care professional, patients could be stuck with lenses that are too loose, too tight, decentered, uncomfortable, or inferior in vision correction. A poorly fitting contact lens may not be noticed by a patient until more serious complications develop. For patients with dry eye syndrome, contact lens material is carefully chosen to assure good comfort. In my experience, there may be only one particular lens – a specific material, base curve, diameter, and design – that meets the needs of a patient in this scenario.

While Hubble requests the name of the prescriber when ordering lenses in order to verify a valid prescription, this has been circumvented by many patients by entering incorrect information or none at all. In a December 2016 article on Quartz Media’s website, the author successfully received contact lenses from Hubble after entering a sham prescription and a fabricated doctor’s name.

​​​​​​​I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard patients say “I only have two eyes!” and then proceed to tell me all the horribly unsafe things they do that put their eyes at risk. But it’s true, vision is precious, and you do only get two eyes. Is this really the area to cut expenses? You may save 10-15 cents a day by ordering Hubble’s product, but what you could lose is worth so much more.

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