What should you know about Astigmatism?

Astigmatism defined

Astigmatism is an eye condition due to the imperfect curvature of the lens or the cornea. In standard cases, the lens or the cornea must create a perfect and smooth curvature around the eye area. 

With a smooth cornea and lens, the light rays are focused onto the retina in the back of the eye. However, the imperfect curve causes a refractive error, hence the blurry vision that many are complaining about. In simplest terms, instead of the eyes being shaped like a perfectly round ball, people with astigmatism have eyeball shaped like that of a football where light is bent more in one direction. 

You may have it and don’t even know that you’re already having minor visual acuity issues because of it. This condition is a common vision problem that one out of three people has some astigmatism level in America alone. Although very common, many are still unaware of what they should do to address it. 

Causes of Astigmatism

Genetics plays a significant factor in astigmatism as this eye condition is already present at birth and develops more in the latter stages of one’s life. It can also result from injury to the eye or a post result of eye surgery. People of all ages could find themselves with astigmatism, although some are more susceptible than others – 


  • Those with a family history of astigmatism or with other eye diseases 

  • People experiencing thinning of the cornea

  • Individuals with extreme nearsightedness or extreme farsightedness

  • Patients with a history of eye surgery

Treating astigmatism

Treatment for astigmatism depends on the severity. If it’s only a mild case, the doctor may opt not to give any treatment. For severe cases, a corrective lens is a typical approach. In some instances, some choose laser surgery. 

Using corrective lens

Usually, astigmatism is treated using the corrective lens. It helps bend the incoming light and balance the error caused by the faulty refraction. The lens allows for a more appropriately projected image. The corrective lens doesn’t have to be prescription glasses, and they can be in the form of contact lenses. 

Corneal refractive therapy

This therapy, also called Orthokeratology, involves wearing fitted, rigid contact lenses overnight to help reshape the cornea. It’s not a permanent solution, but it’s a good enough solution better to visualize the entire day after a night use. 

Eye surgery

For severe cases, refractive surgery is highly recommended. This surgery involves lasers or small knives to reshape the cornea. This solution is a permanent solution to treat astigmatism. 


If you have difficulty seeing things near or far, some problems due to your blurry vision, then it’s better to get your eyes checked. A general eye examination helps get the right diagnosis and the right treatment plan. 

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