Blue Light Glasses for Remote work

Blue Light Glasses

Are you working from home & spending extra time looking at a screen?

Due to Covid-19, many people have shifted from conventional jobs to remote jobs that have them spending more time looking at a screen. Due to this extra screen time, many people are looking into ways to prevent headaches and eye strain. One way to prevent this strain is with blue light glasses.

According to a Market Study Report, the blue light eyewear industry will increase to $27 million by 2024 from $18 million in the previous year.

​​​​​​​What is blue light?

The blue light is around us, especially in this digital age. Often, this light comes from the sun. However, technological devices like laptops, tablets, computers, and phones also emit this brighter and bluer light in significant amounts. While light coming from the devices is only a fraction compared to what the sun emits, people’s amount of time on their devices is cause for concern.

Increased exposure to blue light causes

A regular office employee spends an average of 1,700 hours/year in front of their monitors. This doesn’t include at-home screen time. Since more people are spending more time working from home, this increased exposure causes eye discomfort to many.

Ophthalmologist Rishi Singh, MD, agrees that more people are now experiencing this discomfort due to long time exposure to digital screens.

Collectively, this condition is called computer vision syndrome (CVS) or loosely called digital eye strain. The eyes continuously move while looking at the screen. Additionally, the glare and the contrast can also be strenuous to the eyes. Dr. Singh added that we don’t blink as often as needed when we stare at the screen for too long. This light also hurts the cornea and causes dryness and irritation.

The emitted light affects sleep by delaying the body’s ability to produce melatonin, keeping the human body alert. The brain fails to pick the signal that the body needs rest. Blue light glasses have lenses that partially block the short-wave light coming from screen devices.

How do blue light glasses work?

The glasses have lenses that filter the light emissions. The glasses reduce exposure to blue light and aim to protect the wearer’s vision from eventual damage. The lenses are used for glare prevention to lessen the strain from the day’s screen time.

Blue light glasses can also help maintain a normal circadian rhythm, allowing the wearer to get quality sleep. Some glasses are also made with thin tempered glass to protect the lenses from scratches. The glasses are special-purpose glasses that you can get even without an eyeglass prescription.

Of course, It’s always best to rest eyes from screen exposure and always practice good screen habits.

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